Why So Curious? #20 | MAR 2020

Why So Curious? #20 | MAR 2020

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This month's little big question:

What kinds of feelings do you like to feel?

Featured artist: Bhavani Bala | Artist and storyteller based in Singapore. Loves word building, puns, cats and improv. | Instagram: @bhankadraws | Site/Shop: bhankadraws.com | Commissions are open! Just slide into her DMs on Instagram!

Every month, we'll pose a little big question for you to chew on, and share answers from some awesome people doing interesting things...

What are emotions, really?

Some might say that they're feelings. Which would mean that emotions are things you feel. But do you know what your feelings actually feel like? In terms of sensations?

What does excitement feel like for you? Racing heartbeat? Tingliness on the bottom of your foot? And what about the less common feelings? Things like commitment, motivation. curiosity or even confidence or disgruntlement?

Do you know what sensations you associate with these feelings?
Do the feelings you enjoy feeling have to do with the sensations?
Do you like feelings that involve pleasurable sensations?
And are there sensations that you are so used to, that it feels weird to not feel them?

For us, we are used to the sensations of wariness and tiredness, we are not used to feeling light and relaxed. In fact, we feel awkward and naked when not shrouded with some weight on our shoulders and pressure between our brows.

This does make us wonder, if this means that we subconsciously find ways to keep ourselves anxious and stressed to maintain those physical sensations.

Hence this month, we'd like to invite you to go down this sensational rabbit hole with us and explore what kinds of feelings you like and dislike feeling. And if there feelings that share the same sensations, but you only like one and not the other? (e.g. arousal vs fear)

Share your answers with us here:

Meanwhile, let us hear how our Illustrator in Residence, Bhavani tackled this month's question. 👇

Bhavani's response

What kind of emotions do I like to feel?

🎧Section BGM: The Mandalorian by Ludwig Goransson

Oh how I long to be able to pick and choose my emotions! It's a long road of therapy and self-regulation for us to be able to get there, but it is definitely something that can be worked on and honed as a skill.

My favourite emotions to feel are Curiosity and Awe. Big or small, there are so many things in this world that make me marvel at the magnificence of creation, whether it be natural or human-made. The feeling of wanting to just stand there and take in those sights and sounds and smells, as well as to create beautiful things as a spring board from these beautiful things! It reminds me that life is wonderful sometimes, and humbles me as a human being.

A non-exhaustive list of those things for me include:

  • Hummingbirds
  • The Temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt
  • The Soundtrack of the Mandalorian (included in this article!)
  • Storm clouds rolling over the horizon
  • The smell of freshly baked bread
  • The entirety of Hamilton: the Musical
  • Buskers on the street (added bonus if they have dogs!)
  • People talking about things they love
  • Bubbles
  • David by Michelangelo
  • Pizza
  • The feeling of sunlight on your face after three days of rain
  • The colour yellow... and so much more!
Conversely, some traditionally "negative" feelings I like to feel are Anger and a sense of Injustice. It reminds me that things can always be better and does a great job of getting me off my ass to get work done.

🦄Corndex #020

Name: The Hero's Journal

Species: Physical Journal

Mission: Turn goals into quests!

Moves: The Hero's Journal

Full disclaimer, we received no sponsorship, no perks at the time of writing this. We were targeted by fantastic ad targeting and was like: WE MUST FEATURE THIS!

Usually our Corndex entries are written based on responses from the featuree. But this time, we're just pulling it from our ass because we want to keep this as impartial (or rather, free of conflict of interest) as possible.

So, what is The Hero's Journal?

The short of it is, The Hero's Journal is the answer to the question: What if D&D GMs used their expertise to create a planner?

Of course, gamification of goalsetting isn't new. Gamified productivity and planning apps are a dime in a dozen. So why did this get us so excited?
Well...for starters, it's an actual physical planner.
And the premise of the journal is that you're a hero in a fantasy magical academy.

It's clear that the creators themselves are gamers at heart, because they know what it takes to get our little Potterhead hearts moving. It's such a small thing, but a couple illustrations and a physical book really is all it takes to turn life into a fantasy game.

Ending disclaimer: We're not telling you to back it (it's also too late to do so now), we didn't. We're just saying, this is a pretty cool thing in a digitization-crazy world, so maybe check it out. (And if you find it meaningful and it sparks joy for you to support it, please do.)

🤯Head Exploding Read

Excerpt taken from Emotional Addictions by Peter D. Ladd

Professionals are familiar with the concept of dependency in addictions and mental health counseling. Simply put, it is when people go beyond wanting something, to needing something. Dependency is different than desire. It becomes a need, and we can see this taking place in emotional additions (Ray, 1990). For example, we have our moments when we get angry at some unreasonable circumstance and express ourselves through anger. However, our anger is specific to that situation. t relates directly to what we are experiencing. This is different than getting angry in almost every situation. In our first example, the situation caused our anger. in the second, our anger is applied to many different situations. In a sense, we depend on anger to get us through these experiences. In other words, we have formed a dependency on getting angry.

Much like an alcoholic who depends on alcohol to face difficult situations, a person with an emotional addiction may depend on a specific emotion for a comparable result. For example, a person addicted to resentment may feel frustrated and stuck regardless of the situations he or she faces. The resentment becomes a crutch to depend on when experiencing conflict. The resentful person faces emotional experiences using a dependency on resentment to face these situations. In this example, we may ask, "Why would someone gossip ad indirectly attack others for no reason?" It may be they depend on an emotional addiction of resentment to solve their problems.

😎 Tsundoku (積読) Corner
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